We at Vama Prints & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have developed Ultranex DTF Transfer Printing Film for printing textile transfer with inkjet printers. We have done extensive R&D on development of coating to make sure that this film works to its optimum Performance in:

Quick Ink drying / Trouble Free Powder Application / Stability in Heated Oven / No Oily feel / Colour Depth or Vibrancy / Good Adhesion of print to film / Smooth Warm & Cold Peel / Satin Matte finish to transfer surface / Extra Soft Feel to Transfers / Stretchable transfers / Excellent wash Fastness.....

These coatings are made and coated in our facility which is ISO 9001:2015 Certified with DNV. We have robust Incoming material checks, Quality plans, Set methods & SOP's in Production, Every lot is tested in our lab for all the parameter right from printing to wash fastness before the lots are dispatched to customers & we have no rework policy. With lot number we provide with the Ultranex Films can trace back the history to its Raw Materials, Methods used, Man in production & Machine parameters used.

Above all is to create a brand "Ultranex DTF Film" so the users just by using this brand gets assured for consistent quality in defined range and do not need to worry about performance in printing and transfers.

Why to buy Ultranex DTF Transfer Printing Film?

No ink leakage even at 6 pass printing without heater on a roll to roll inkjet printer & 90 Nozzle setting on L1800 inkjet printers. Even while printing white on CMYK Black color.

Ultranex DTF Inkjet Film's inkjet ink receptive coating layer have been developed for optimum ink absorption, as soon as the inkjet ink drop lands on it, Ink will dry rapidly.

Coating and back side of Ultranex DTF film both have antistatic properties, Mainly powder sticking issue with reference to film is due to static generation in the film.

While drying labels after thermo powder application, Film will remain dimensionally stable or will still not lose it's lay flat property. PET film used has high temperature stability upto 180°C for 10 Minutes.

Ultranex DTF Printing film will open up the Inkjet inks optimum levels of colour brightness. Its not just ink, Yes film coating will also affect the colour vibrancy according to Coating thickness, Its PH value & Additives used.

Printed ink form a temporary strong adhesion to the film after sufficient heating. When fine text are printed and cured it is necessary that hold on is good with the film or there are chances that small letters may falloff or Peel off.

When label is transferred on the cloth surface (170°C for 15 Sec) film can be peel out easily with labels which are printed with large print patches or/& fine dots or/& with fine texts with Warm and Cold peel.

Hot peel is possible but needs to check depends on other factors like Ink, Thermo Powder and Transfer conditions.

Even if the DTF printed labels are exposed to air for 24 hrs at RH upto 65% it will not give oily feeling on the top of label. (after printing and powder application label should be dried @180°C for 3 to 4 Minutes). It is always recommended that printed labels to be packed in a moisture proof packing.

Ultranex DTF PET Rolls are coated with advanced coater so the coating lay on the film is even with minimum streaks and lines and in turns after transfer this pattern is seen on the transferred image with give satin matte finish.

Ultranex DTF Inkjet Films are made with 2 layer technology 1st is the release layer and 2nd is the inkjet in receptive layer. Ink receptive layer after printing and drying becomes part of Ink / label and transfers with the label on the garment.

In Ultranex DTF Film Ink receptive layer is of low hardness to give a soft and smooth feel to transfers. So even if the inks are soft if the ink receptive layer is not good it will give a thick and hard finish to the transfers.

Ultranex DTF Printing Film gives excellent stretch to the transferred image on the garment surface even after multiple washing.

  • Its always been thought that Ink is responsible for if the DTF labels are stretchable or not, once transferred on the garment surface.
  • Actually DTF inks are curable and are designed in such a way that they will crosslink at certain temperature and time to give stretchable transfers.
  • But as said above (to our present state of knowledge) all DTF Inkjet Films are made with 2 layer technology 1st is the release layer and 2nd is the inkjet in receptive layer, Ink receptive layer after printing and drying becomes part of Ink / label and transfers with the label.
  • So the if the part of the receptive layer is not formulated to stretch with the label you may see the crack or holes if stretched.
  • Or if the Inkjet ink receptive layer mess up with the cross linking chemistry of ink crack while stretching are inevitable.

Ultranex DTF Heat Release Film adds to the wash fastness of the DTF image on the garment, As the inkjet ink receptive layer will act as scratch resistance layer.

Again ink is always been made responsible to wash fastness & it is but If inkjet ink receptive layer is not friendly with the ink composition or of low quality it will affect wash stability of DTF label on the garment.

Ultranex DTF PET Release film has a standard shelve life of 6 to 8 Months but it not necessary to discard the film after self life. Film can be tested for printing to transfers and if its oaky still can be used.

Labels printed on the Ultranex DTF film can be transferred even after storage for longer period of time, we have tested it upto 2months and still transfers good.

Supply forms available

Ultranex Grade name F86SM1/DTF

F= Film / 86= Microns / SM= Silky Matte / 1= Side Coated

On Request available with certain Minimum Order Quantity . Grade: F111SM1/DTF


  1. Rolls form:
    • 12.5" (320mm) X 100 Meters,
    • 20" (510mm) X 100 Meters,
    • Custom sizes available. (Depends on division of mother roll coating width.)
  2. Sheet form:
    • A4 size 210mm X 297mm X 100 Sheets.
    • A3 Size 420mm X 297mm X 100 Sheets.

Do's & Dont's with DTF Film

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Comming Soon!............

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