Suitable with broad range of print methods

Compatibility with broad range of inks types

Hot*, Warm & Cold Peel

Satin matte finish on transfers

Soft Feel touch on transfers

Antistatic properties

Scratch & Polishing resistance

Blocking Resistance

REACH Compliant

Let yourself be inspired by high-quality transfer printing films



Vama Prints and Technologies introduces top quality transfer release film “Ultranex, manufactured with dominant technical and quality aspects.

Our leading-edge quality product, amplify within many industries, including: textile, Industrial Transfer, etc. Additionally, very finely detailed also can be processed with none glitch, giving you aconsistent high-quality soft feel transfer to cotton, polyester and blended fabrics and other substrates.

For an outstanding color prints our transfer sheets always represent uncomplicated and straightforward application also as for softness and quality of the results. Matt finish or high-gloss finish, at Vama Prints and Technologies you'll find more to be ready to perform your perfect textile finishing.

Our company continually focuses on the future by developing innovative solutions comprised of more ecofriendly and sustainable approaches. Film and Coating are tested to REACH compliant (Class 17). We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility.

why ultranex

why ultranex

Extensive Application

Ultranex is suitable for wide range of printing process as well as compatible with extensive range of inks for preparing transfer decals.

Technical Proficiency

The accumulation of years of experience with varying technologies, matures into the know how we offer you now. Our technical expertise will allow you to make informed decisions about the technologies to use and the mistakes to avoid.

Well Defined Quality Control

Having robust R&D facilities with well Calibrated Quality Control Lab ensures both reliability and accuracy of the film. To attend consistent quality, precise procedures are followed.

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