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Compatibility Matrix

SR Product code Ink Type Peel Properties Release Force Ink Hold Out Description
1 F83SM1/Economy
1 Side coated / Silky Matte Low cost
Water Based. Cold Peel Medium Medium** Grade: Economy is a low cost film for Heat Transfer labels printed with Screen printing Manual / Automatic / Roll to Roll, Applicable for Litho Offset but (Only with Plastisol Back-up.)
1. Hot Peel* Heat Transfers printed with Oil based Plastisol ink.
2. It can be used with Water based ink but with limited performance user should
test it with ink used for compatibility before using in production
Water Based + Fixers Cold Peel High High
Oil Based / Plastisol Hot & Cold Peel Low Medium
Offset Inks + Back-up Cold Peel Medium High
2 F83SM1/LithoHP, F108SM1/LithoHP.
1 Side coated / Medium Matte
Water Based. Hot & Cold Peel Low Medium Grade: LithoHP is grade specially made for:
1. Garment Transfers where Hot Peel* after fusing is required.
2. Litho Offset*** transfers, In it offset ink will dry fast and ink pick will be good for the offset plate.

For Screen printing Manual / Automatic / Roll to Roll, Applicable for Litho Offset printing.
Water Based + Fixers Hot* & Cold Peel Low Medium
Oil Based / Plastisol Warm & Cold Peel Low Medium
Offset Inks + Back-up Cold Peel Low Low
3 F83SM1/Premium, F108SM1/Premium.
1 Side coated / High Matte (<9GU @ 60°)
Water Based. Warm & Cold Peel Low Medium Grade: Premium is grade specially made for
1. Tag less labels with extra matte finish with smooth release.
2. Best suited for Litho Offset, Digital printing like, EcoSolvent, Laser etc...

For Screen printing Manual / Automatic / Roll to Roll, Applicable for Litho Offset printing.
Water Based + Fixers Warm & Cold Peel Medium High
Oil Based / Plastisol Oil Based / Plastisol Low Low
Offset Inks + Back-up Cold Peel Medium Medium
4 F83SM1/Silicone F108SM1/Silicone 1Side Coated / Matte 1. Silicone Inks Cold Peel Medium Medium Grade: Silicone is specially made for Printing Silicone ink based transfers., Also can be used with Plastisol & water based inks
Grade: Silicone is specially made for Printing Silicone ink based transfers., Also can be used with Plastisol & water based inks.
Water & Oil based Cold Peel Medium Medium

* Hot Peel: Before producing hot peel labels, Grade should be test for compatibility with Ink, Powder adhesive & Process of printing. It majorly fails if Fixer ratio in water based ink is above 2% but warm peel and cold peel is unaffected. Hot Peel is not suggest for big patch prints & also for litho transfer labels.

** Medium: Fine prints of Plastisol & water based inks have inherent low hold out & also combination of Powder adhesives severely effect hold out. Our experiments shows that PU powder has low hold out immediate after drying but will increase substantially after 24Hrs & Co-polyester powders has good initial hold out.

*** Litho offset printing, Indigo, Ecosolvent is a combination of various process user are requested to test it before using or contact us of any specific instruction required

Disclaimer: Changes can be done on above specification for improvements, Compatiblity matrix will be updated promptly, bulk user and Traders will be informed. Above specification data is our test values and not limits decided & derived by our best possible knowledge of printing & transfer trials / results, "results may vary with user to user in different processes & process controls which film manufacturer has no control", film manufacturer cannot accept or will be liable for any claims on rejection of any kind, User should test Film with required functionality with series of trials before mass productions. Film manufacturer will stick to strict process, quality and packing controls / standards & will supply the film in said specification always

Download Compatibility Matrix Pdf

USP of Ultranex

Broad range of Print methods & Ink Compatibility

Compatible with Screen printing (Manual, Automated sheet feed and roll to roll), Digital printing – Inkjet** / Laser. Best results can be achieved by Inks like Phthalate & Phthalate free Plastisol ink, Solvent-based & Waterborne 2pack PU inks Waterborne acrylic ink, Offset printing / litho transfer, etc.

Coating Surface Finish

The surface finish of the film is such which gives a satin matte finish to the transfers & also hides the overlay marking of backup adhesives especially on the back or dark cloth surfaces

Soft Feel to Transfers

Release coating has functionality that will leave transferred print with a smooth and soft touch effect and eliminate the rubbery, itchy feel of transfers.

Dimension Stability

Films are heat-treated at High temperatures for best dimension stability and low shrinkage to achieve the best possible registration in multi-color printing

Smart Release

Release properties are matched in such a way that after printing & drying, print hold out is such that in normal handling conditions print will not fall off. In transfers after fusing label film will peel off smoothly to achieve 100% & consistent transfer each time in Hot Peel*, Warm Peel & Cold Peel.


Film has inherent antistatic properties due to which no powder will stick on film other than the print area or on the backside which is a boon for the powder application process by Machine & Manual application

Scratch & Polishing resistance

Coating has resistant to scratch & polishing effect (matte coating turning gloss) in normal handling conditions. Which helps in carefree printing and achieving consistent transfers.

Blocking Resistance

Coating has excellent blocking resistance so stacked bundles do not stick to each other, it’s easier to take sheets 1 by 1 quickly, beneficial in both manual and automatic printing process


REACH Compliant & production to be brought under the scope of ISO 9001:2015. .

Packing Standards

As a matter of principle, packing is implemented in such a way that the packaged goods can be transported and stored without damage. Additional measures are taken into account to protect the goods from stress such as jolts, vibration, and pressure, as well as environmental influences such as moisture, dust, and dirt during transport.

Domestic packing standards comprises of primary packing of 500 sheets, packed in PP sheet and enclosed in a corrugated box. Secondary packing includes 2 boxes sealed together in a Woven PP bag. For Export, attention is been paid to the correct size (shipment contents plus padding) and to sufficient stability, complying to requirements of the recipient country.

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